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Human development has always been directly linked to our ability to efficiently save information. A fast moving South African startup, CleverCloud, is aggressively addressing the problem of better managing our complex business software applications and business information systems to give medium and large-scale companies a critical edge.

Today with over two billion websites, seven billion smartphones in operation and billions of active computers in the workplace, the management of business workflow and information is absolutely paramount.

The team at CleverCloud hold firm that although we’ve seen progress in collaborative data management, as well as an influx of software tools, computer users are still saving and managing files the same way we did over 30 years ago.

“All computers are based on the infrastructure of a library, and today that library is being overloaded with SaaS or Software as service products, websites, document file types, innovative software applications, various storage locations and more.

We’ve developed a simplified solution, that seamlessly helps business manage all of it,” gleams Zosukuma Kunene, the Head of Marketing for CleverCloud. “We’ve expanded the previous limitations of the traditional Cloud to include the management of the entire digital landscape.”

As business tasks and priorities change throughout the day, businesses increasingly need to save their active combination or configuration of windows required for a specific task. It’s about the ability to save the state of your workflow, then switch to an on-line meeting, work with a colleague to finish a separate project and when you’re ready – instantly come back to exactly where you were.

CleverCloud’s chief operations officer, Ra Kunene, emphasizes the point further stating, “In today’s remote-work landscape, every single employee has to be fully connected and must be a springboard to growth. Employees critically need to access not just individual files, but everything managed together. That’s a key value we’re providing to companies through CleverCloud.” Equally providing value for both individual users and enterprise teams managing their own servers and security, CleverCloud offers on-premise installations where needed.

 Here in South Africa large institutions such as banks, manufacturing plants and insurance companies, are all aggressively on-boarding cloud computing infrastructure to take remote-work efficiencies to new heights. The approach of companies such as UiPath, a European based start-up recently valued at over seven billion USD, has focused on providing automation tools that customers purchase separately and piece together at a very high development cost.

CleverCloud takes a different approach and pre- packages cloud automation for a much faster value return for customers. The CleverCloud team says that cloud-based automation has to be pushed within the 4IR game plan, to better manage the growing overload of information being moved across quickly expanding business environments. Those thoughts seem directly in line with the SA Department of Science and Technology who specifically recently stated that, “…one of the central logics of the 4IR is that of ongoing growth in automation.”

World renowned Durban born architect Don Albert, describes the need for such solutions as, “The Holy Grail of information management.” Various global networks have begun incorporating cyber-physical systems in their machinery, production facilities and warehousing systems. Such systems include smart machines, storage systems and autonomous information exchange systems. These systems are offering unprecedented opportunities to optimise production and communication processes across all major industries.

When highlighting the importance of knowledge retention, Zosukuma says, “It’s clear that faster information management encourages a culture of sharing the formulas behind how we solve problems. That is very important. The workflows that CleverCloud helps to capture for business owners and teams, are actually the backbone of what a company is in relation to how they create and manage solutions. When an employee is the holder of knowledge and a fellow colleague or junior is struggling, CleverCloud can instantly provide them access to the group of digital resources that can expedite delivering a solution.”

With employee churn increasingly high these days, companies can incorporate CleverCloud to build a library of not only documents and folders but more importantly, how those different assets come together to solve problems faster.

The CleverCloud team is strategically expanding partnerships and customer engagements, both in the United States and southern Africa.

They can be contacted directly to book a demonstration or for further information. Contact Zosukuma Kunene Head of Marketing on or log on to

By Zambezzi

As an influencer my team and I create content or co-create content to support brands, endorse product and services with the intent to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

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