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The global module sees students embark on a group overseas excursion to learn how global manufacturers are tackling pertinent issues

Why should I do a Masters in Business Administration (MBA)? This is a question business leaders across the globe regularly consider. A worthwhile MBA degree requires a serious investment of time and money but should provide significant tangible and intangible benefits for the rest of your career.

Here are some of the top reasons to pursue an MBA:

· Develop your leadership skills

· Build your network with other industry leaders

· Upskill yourself in core business sectors such as marketing, finance, HR and operations

· Learn how to build a sustainable competitive advantage

If I choose to do an MBA, why should I choose a manufacturing focus? The manufacturing industry is complex, global and far-reaching. The value chain for a manufacturer includes suppliers, financial institutions, logistics, government and public service providers and customers. If your career exists within the manufacturing eco-system, then the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) manufacturing focused MBA at Toyota Institute for Manufacturing Studies (TWIMS) is explicitly designed for you.

The GIBS Manufacturing Focused MBA

Developed as a partnership between TWIMS and GIBS (Africa’s #1 MBA provider), this specialised MBA is Africa’s first and only to focus on the manufacturing industry. The 18-month programme is comprised of a PGDip and MBA.

Students who received 60% and above for the PGDip year graduate to the MBA, which comprises three core sections:

1. In-class electives

2. The Global Module

3. A thesis

Our electives are manufacturing-specific and cover some of the most relevant topics in today’s manufacturing environment. Current MBA electives:

· Future of Manufacturing

· Sustainable Finance

· Green Manufacturing

· Inclusive Leadership

· Africa Trade

· Lean Supply Chain Management

· Lean Operations Management

The global module sees students embark on a group overseas excursion to learn how global manufacturers are tackling pertinent issues. Our partnerships with manufacturers in Asia, Africa and Europe offer students an opportunity to learn from some of the most well-respected and diverse manufacturers globally.

Finally, students must complete a research-based thesis of their choice before being awarded their MBA. To ensure both academic rigour and real-world application, all students are partnered with an academic advisor and experienced industry leader who will provide guidance based on their decades

of experience and learning.

How The Programme Is Structured

In year one, PGDip lectures take place on the TWIMS campus in Kloof, Durban, during four block release periods. The block is between seven – ten days, including weekends. Additionally, there are two exam periods of four days each. The MBA electives are also taught in block release periods, which vary in length and frequency depending on your selected subjects.

The thesis does not require on-campus attendance and meetings with supervisors can take place online.

The GIBS Manufacturing Focused MBA is an academically rigorous degree designed to challenge and upskill students. If you consider your future to be within the wide manufacturing industry, there is no better way to ensure you are adequately prepared to lead with confidence.

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