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Five reasons 2021 matrics should consider a career in hospitality?

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation estimates that by 2030, there will be 1.8 billion new international travellers. Choosing a career in hospitality, therefore, could be the best decision that the Matrics of 2021 will ever make!

Shaun Lamont, Managing Director, First Group Hotel and Resorts said, “With university and college applications now open for 2022, Matrics will be looking to make a decision about what to study next year. If your child is still sitting on the fence, why not get them to consider a career in hospitality?”

Shaun offers five reasons why Matrics should consider studying hospitality:

  1. In demand: According to Study International, one in every five jobs created in the last decade globally has been within travel and tourism, and pre-COVID, the industry was expected to support an additional 100 million jobs worldwide by 2028. The World Travel and Tourism Council also reports that one in ten jobs on the planet is supported by travel and tourism. Whilst the pandemic has slowed the industry down, it is the one industry that is predicted to bounce back with a bang! Why? Well, travel is in our DNA and it’s going to take more than a global shutdown to change that.
  2. See the world: If you’ve always dreamt of visiting exotic destinations, but your travel fund smacks more of ‘beer and biltong’ than ‘champagne and caviar’, then a career in hospitality could be the ticket to the travel you’ve been dreaming of. Whether local or international, you’re bound to traverse the globe by working in a variety of positions and places. You’ll only be limited by your imagination – from cruise ships and hotels to game lodges and beach resorts.
  3. Options, options, options: At the core of hospitality, are customer experiences, which opens up a myriad of opportunities for graduates. Armed with a wide range of skills and knowledge, working in hotels, restaurants, events, catering, hospitals or airlines, or even branching out into business development, marketing, or entrepreneurship, are all within the realm of possibility.
  4. Learn while you earn: Most reputable hotel groups and resorts partner with hotel management schools in order to offer students the opportunity to learn the relevant theory whilst getting practical, on-the-job training. First Group for example, embraces unskilled trainees every year, who share our passion for guests and place them at our various resorts around the country. Furthermore, some groups even offer trainees a stipend whilst working, which means that you can learn while you earn.
  5. Move up the ranks: A career in hospitality offers you the chance to grow. While everyone starting out their career starts on the bottom rung of the ladder and moves their way up the ranks, there are so many rungs on the hospitality ladder! Moving from bellhop to the front desk to the manager, or from waiter to food and beverage manager doesn’t have to remain a pipe dream. As leaders in the South African hospitality industry, First Group prides itself on offering incredible career opportunities for both entry-level and experienced candidates who are either looking to step into the industry or those looking to move up the ladder.

“If doing the same thing day after day after day excites you, then a career in hospitality is best avoided. If you’re looking for an ever-changing, exciting job in a vibrant industry that demands commitment to making strangers smile and helping them to make lasting, magical memories – then this industry is for you!” Shaun concludes.

By Zambezzi

As an influencer my team and I create content or co-create content to support brands, endorse product and services with the intent to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

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