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Life More Abundant (Lecture Notes 1951) – Murdo MacDonald-Bayne


Life More Abundant (Lecture Notes 1951) – Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

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Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

Murdo MacDonald-Bayne was born in Scotland in 1887. During his lifetime he travelled throughout the world healing thousands of people of all kinds of diseases and taught the Truth of the Law of Being to many thousands more.

Murdo MacDonald-Bayne was fondly referred to as Dr Mac by his students who often spoke of seeing him overshadowed by a higher being during his lectures. It is said that he journeyed several times into India and Tibet where he spent long periods (recounted in Beyond the Himalayas and its sequel The Yoga of the Christ in the company of true Masters of the Tibetan Himalayas. There his powers to heal were strengthened and he received greater enlightenment for his mission to reveal those profound teachings to the outside world.

The developed spiritual power and wisdom he acquired is reflected in the writings of his first books, The Higher Power You Can Use and I Am the Life. After establishing spiritual centres in several countries, Murdo MacDonald-Bayne lived in New Zealand/Aotearoa and Australia during the early 1940s and by 1944 he settled in South Africa where he continued to heal and give lectures twice a week, some of which are recorded.

He also produced during this period Heal Yourself, Spiritual & Mental Healing, What is Mine is Thine I & II, How to Relax and Revitalise Yourself, Your Life Renewed Every Day. During a visit to England he passed over suddenly in London, February 1955.

Life More Abundant (Lecture Notes 1951) (

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Life More Abundant (Lecture Notes 1951)

Life More Abundant (Lecture Notes 1951)
The following lectures were given in Pretoria, South Africa, between 6th February and 4th December 1951. (The same also being given earlier in Johannesburg between 12th October 1950 and 14th June 1951).
The lecture notes were able to be purchased in blocks of ten prior to the series being given. A full account of these lectures combining the lecture notes and a transcription into text of the 28 known sound recordings has never been made public until now. This edition is now the definitive version of the Inner Course as given by Murdo to his South African students.
This extraordinary and wonderful series of lectures are devoted to the life and teachings of the great Master Jesus. Murdo’s explanations of the Master’s sayings and parables reveal the man to the genuine seeker as well as the Christ Principle in us all.


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