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Marlene Powell - Master the craft of sales

Master your craft of selling – get to LOVE sales as they are the lifeblood of your business.

More sales = more profit = more positive CashFLOW = less financial stress! What more could you ask for?

You get to master the craft of sales as you get better and better at it. Isn’t that interesting! Your conversion rate goes up, your average sales go up, you start exceeding budgets and you start to achieve amazing things. It’s astonishing how opportunities come your way when you just get great at sales.

The biggest challenge for most business owners and salespeople is getting the knowledge base and getting your skills upgraded. That’s why to enable you to be a professional salesperson you have

to have continuous training to master the craft of sales.

Thinking about a one-day sales training course? Think again.

After taking a one-day sales training course, salespeople seem to always fall back into their bad habits and old routines just a few days later. Why? Because too much information crammed into a short timeframe is NOT the best way to learn – or get a return on investment (ROI).

The Research Institute of America concluded that eLearning boosts retention rates by 25% to 60%, traditional training is only 8 to 10%.

The Forgetting Curve

You forget approximately 75% of what you learned within six days of the training session.

Flipping the 90/10 Rule

Traditional one-day sales training courses are 90% learning, with short break-out sessions before moving on to the next learning module. Therefore, it’s unrealistic to expect to remember, let alone master, each new sales technique with the 90/10 rule.

When you invest 10% of your time learning and 90% doing, you dramatically improve your chances of making new sales techniques part of your day-to-day process.

We at ActionCOACH

recommend one hour a day of sales training, for 12 weeks. This formula allows you to learn, implement, analyse results and make necessary adjustments before moving on to the next training phase.

Ineffective Training Costs Money

According to a Harvard Business Review only “25% believed their company’s training improved performance”. Switching from the traditional one-day sales training event to for example a 12-week sales MasterCLASS, which guarantees to make more rands and sense requires little explanation.

When is the Best Time to Train?

According to Bryan Caplan, professor of economics at George Mason University, people learn best when they have to learn. In sales, that’s an easy one – if you didn’t hit last month’s targets, the perfect time for you to learn better sales skills is now. Why? The theory of motivation is the answer.

Missing targets and being held accountable is a requirement for business growth. And a motivated team member is more productive, and a more productive team member is more profitable. This is the win/win for training at the right time, rather than when it’s ‘convenient’ to a business’s schedule (i.e. a company retreat, etc.).

Let us at ActionCOACH:-

  • Inspire, inform, and motivate you to be the best sales professional you can be
  • Address your mindset and strengthen your beliefs to make you more successful
  • Break down the sales process into manageable parts.
  • Provide tools, scripts, and tactics to effectively address, and overcome objections
  • Give insight into customer service and ultimately turn your prospects into clients, your clients into raving fans who will turn into a readymade sales force for you
  • Help you develop systems to help make it easier for customers to buy from you – referrals are THE #1 strategy – get good at asking for referrals

After 12 weeks of training, we know your tool kit will be replenished, refreshed, and re-energised to help you meet your big audacious goals!

Do you need to become sales professional as a business owner or a salesperson then take action by contacting me to find out when you can get started. If not now, when? If not you then who? (It could be your competitor)Please listen to our Founder and CEO Brad Sugars who explains why our MasterCLASS training programmes are done over 12 weeks, nothing less and nothing more – 12 weeks.

Contact me on or call +27 (0)83 479 4471

By Zambezzi

As an influencer my team and I create content or co-create content to support brands, endorse product and services with the intent to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

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