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Marketing works! If marketing does work then why is your marketing not?

Marketing works! If marketing does work then why is your marketing not?

Do you find that you are marketing in various ways but just not getting the response you are looking for? Are you putting a lot of money behind your marketing and just not getting a return on investment?

Are you getting the right leads responding to your marketing?

… And there are many more questions I could ask you but let’s leave it to these for now.

There are two ways to consider marketing your products and/or services.

Market first or market last! Surely one should market first to get the leads?

Well, Yes and No.

To ensure your marketing is effective and gets you the return on investment in both your time and money there are key focus areas to look at first before deciding Why, Who, Where,

What and How to market.

Follow these four key focus areas*:

· Identify your most profitable product and/or service offerings

· Identify your top 20% of clients/customers who use these products/services

· How often do they buy?

· How much on average do they spend with you?

Based on the outcomes of the above four focus areas these will then give you a very clear idea of who your ideal client/customer is.

Now put your MarketingPLAN together.

· Who is your ideal target market?

· Where will you find them?

· What are you going to offer them?

· How are you going to reach them?

· What is your call to action?

· Why should they buy from you– your unique selling proposition (USP)?

Please note that your MarketingPLAN must be tracked, tested and measured to ensure that you are getting the desired results. You need to create a steady flow of leads so you can turn the tap up if you need more leads or down to reduce the leads dependant on the number of clients/customers you can handle to maintain your customer service delivery.

In the box on the right are some results my clients are enjoying just by focusing on this simple (not easy) methodology.

As you can see no matter in which industry you are in, if you focus very specifically in these four key areas you too can get these percentage growth increases in your business (some of my clients have achieved significant growth). These are just a few of the examples and there are many more. Yes, there are some clients whose growth was not as significant, and you may ask why?

· They don’t know their numbers in each of these four key focus areas (see the 5 ways model)

· They are not confident with their product/service

· They may not have an interest or limited skills in marketing and sales

· There isn’t a sales process in place

· They are not clear on what makes their business unique

· They have lost interest

· They have an incorrect mindset

· … And much more

In closing to ensure your marketing works there needs to be the right foundation built to support your MarketingPLAN and the MarketingPLAN needs to be SMART.

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If there is anything you have gained from my article that creates excitement or fear, let’s discuss what frustrations/challenges you are currently facing or goals/targets you have not yet achieved and have a strategic session with me.

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By Zambezzi

As an influencer my team and I create content or co-create content to support brands, endorse product and services with the intent to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

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