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Join the TAMI Circle

The Africa Marketing Initiative (TAMI) is encouraging entrepreneurs and business leaders from South Africa and Africa to join as Members.

There is no cost for Membership, and those that join have the option of being included in the SA Chamber UK communications and webinars, the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club networks, and receive other benefits.

TAMI’s aim is to be a conduit for trade in South Africa, and to encourage communication and opportunity between African countries.

We hope that you will join the TAMI Circle of Influence.

TAMI looks forward to helping you create growth and value for your organisation.

The TAMI Circle Influence

TAMI is a business portal… where organisations engage directly with professionals from both Private and Public Sectors within South Africa.

The first aim of TAMI is to help connect business leaders from across Africa, to help support development of trade routes between the various countries. TAMI is also for business leaders from across the globe to contact and interact with professional South African business leaders and service providers.

Essentially TAMI provides a holistic business integration support services to international organisations wishing to trade with / in South Africa. It is also a powerful source of contact for local South African organisations wishing to gain knowledge, understanding and resourcing in each of an organisation’s functional areas (Banking, HR, Finance, B-BBEE, Legal, Forex, Logistics, Operations, Sustainability, Forex Management, Mobility and Property, etc).

TAMI website and facility links international and local business knowledge seekers directly with professional service providers, allowing for seamless introductions, and for them to gain understanding of all that is required to trade effectively and compliantly in South Africa.

TAMI SA will link with Chambers Members and Government offices across the African Continent, creating the TAMI Circle of Influence.

TAMI is a SA Chamber UK Initiative, aiming to unite all Chamber Members across the world.

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By Zambezzi

As an influencer my team and I create content or co-create content to support brands, endorse product and services with the intent to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

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