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Johan van Deventer Is your payroll making business sense

Employers or Human Resource divisions are often faced with the administration and filing of employee documents such as CVs, contracts, IDs, licences, medicals, employee disciplinary records, leave, etc. This documentation gets filed in an employee file in the cabinet at the back of your office.

Ever wondered what is going to happen if your file cabinet burns down? Guess you did, and introduced multiple platforms and third parties to mitigate the risk, although presenting risks to be mitigated in their part again is not an ideal solution!

How will you be able to manage all your employee information efficiently, cost-effectively, centralised from anywhere at any given time with minimal risk?

Facilitating the employee’s full life cycle may be a daunting task yet having the correct platform including a world class payroll function to support the Human Resources process, will save you time and mitigate risk in a pressured environment. With technology, companies tend to move more towards automating business processes, complementing the management of an employee’s life cycle and legislative compliance.

All employers should have a single platform to harness human resource data for smarter decision making that manages payroll data, running payroll, managing human resource function, and reporting to authorities as quick and simple as clicking a button.

Here are some key deliverables to look out for throughout the employee’s life cycle ensuring compliance, employee engagement and effective business processes.

Recruitment and Selection: It is imperative to make the right hiring decision for the business to attract and secure the right candidates. On Boarding: It is important for employees to be engaged correctly and provided with all the tools to get them up and running.

Remuneration, Benefits and Payroll: Related to process employee payments as per legislative compliance.

Employee Well-Being: Creating work-life balance forms an integral part of an employee’s motivation and work satisfaction.

Learning and Development: In the world of change companies need to keep their employees skilled and up to date with legislation, technology, etc.

Employee Relations: Managing employee relationships in the workplace can be a challenging task to maintain.

Performance Management:

Managing employee performance to ensure that goals are met in an efficient manner.

Transformation: Managing your diverse, skilled and empowered workforce.

Employee Exit: Completing the life cycle through exit administration to lower company costs with reference to employee turnover.

Simplify your payroll now no matter how big or small your business. Developed by leading payroll experts and developers, LabourNet’s cloud based PSIber Payroll delivers a truly unique payroll system that can be used by clients in any industry and of any size. The system automates complicated payroll calculations and processing through its sophisticated yet user-friendly functionality – and is easily accessible from your phone, computer or tablet (Google Play and IOS). Reporting is comprehensive and flexible, while processing of all statutory requirements is both simple and accurate.

With PSIber’s API capabilities our clients can plug in their own business intelligence tools, for clients to easily visualise key human resource data to gain valuable insights into which processes are working well and where there is room for improvement. Our preconfigured and custom human resource software reporting provides access to real-time business intelligence. The PSIber Employee Relations Module assists users and consultants to manage appeals and discipline in the workplace as guided by the client’s disciplinary code. It allows for setting up this code, recording incidents against an employee, tracking discipline, and issuing warnings and dismissal notices.

The dashboards and reports highlight misconduct trends and enable proactive implementation of best practice to reduce and policies to curb such occurrences. Having site of payroll and employee HR data holistically from one reliable source is invaluable to an everchanging business landscape.

Contact us to find out how we can customise a solution that forms the best extension of your human resource department.

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