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From Mansion House to South Africa: Strengthening Ties for Sustainable Development

Article by: Cara Goschen – Do More Foundation UK

The recent South African Chamber of Commerce (SACC) United Kingdom Gala Dinner at Mansion House epitomised the spirit of collaboration and mutual prosperity. The event, centered around the Lord Mayor’s theme for 2023-24, “Connect to Prosper,” emphasized the significance of working together for mutual success. Among the distinguished guests was Cara Goschen, DO MORE UK Lead, who attended as a guest of David White, the CEO of DRG and SACC South Africa Chapter Leader. This occasion marked a significant step in fostering a robust partnership between DO MORE UK and the SACC, united by the shared goal of helping South Africa thrive.

The DO MORE FOUNDATION was founded by RCL FOODS in 2017 to address the urgent needs of young children in underserved South African communities. Recognising the importance of global partnerships in driving meaningful change, DO MORE UK is currently being established to expand the Foundation’s reach and engage with international partners.

At the heart of the DO MORE FOUNDATION’s efforts is the “Everyone Gets to Play” (EGTP) model, a comprehensive approach to early childhood development (ECD) that has garnered endorsements from President Cyril Ramaphosa, UNICEF, and leading businesses such as Remgro. The EGTP model is implemented in eight communities across six provinces in South Africa, offering a basket of services that include early learning through play, enterprise development, parent and caregiver support, maternal and child health, food security, child safety and protection, and capacity building for ECD centres (operating as SMME’s).

The African proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” mentioned by Sharon Constancon, SACC UK Chairperson, in her speech at the Gala in relation to SACC UK and the City of London, aptly summarises the philosophy behind the EGTP model. This sentiment underscores the Foundation’s commitment to collaborative partnerships that pool resources, expertise, and efforts to achieve systemic change.

The DO MORE FOUNDATION’s experience in implementing the EGTP model has highlighted several key lessons in fostering effective partnerships. These insights align seamlessly with the themes of “Connect to Prosper” and “Stronger Together,” demonstrating the power of coordinated collaboration in driving social impact.

  • Purposeful networking: Building a network of partners who share information for mutual benefit is crucial. DO MORE FOUNDATION’s open-source approach to its materials and programme documents exemplifies this principle, encouraging a collaborative development mindset.
  • Clear coordination: Allocating responsibilities and aligning activities toward a common purpose enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of collaborative efforts. Clear leadership roles facilitate coordinated actions and maximize impact.
  • Willing cooperation: Sharing resources and altering activities to achieve common goals foster a sense of shared purpose and mutual benefit. This willingness to cooperate is essential for successful partnerships.
  • Impactful collaboration: Beyond networking and cooperation, improving each partner’s capacity for mutual benefit is vital. This holistic approach to collaboration ensures that all parties are better equipped to achieve their common objectives.
  • Structured agreements: Formal agreements provide a framework for accountability and quality assurance. By clearly outlining expectations and responsibilities, these agreements help maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the collaborative efforts.

The DO MORE FOUNDATION’s success in driving community development lies in its role as a backbone organisation within a Collective Impact framework. By acting as a central coordinating entity, the Foundation brings together government agencies, non-profit organisations, academic institutions, businesses, and local advocates. This strategic coordination enables the Foundation to mobilise resources, implement policies, advocate for change, and monitor progress, ultimately creating environments where young children can thrive.

The Gala Dinner highlighted the enduring relationship between South Africa and the United Kingdom, underscoring the potential for collaborative efforts to drive social impact. Special thanks are due to DRG for sponsoring DO MORE UK’s participation in the event, providing a platform to showcase the Foundation’s work and forge new connections. As we look to the future, DO MORE UK extends an open invitation to businesses and individuals to connect with us. Join us in our mission to foster collaboration, maximise CSI investments, and drive systemic change for a thriving South Africa. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit our website or contact us directly. Together, we can DO MORE for the young children of South Africa.

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