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Our world is changing and even more so in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. More and more people are having to or choosing to work from home. Some of us are downscaling to live with their children, or adult children are moving back home with Mom and Dad. Building a Garden Office or Cottage is the solution to the increasing demand for extra living/working space.

Elangeni Buildings provides a fast and cost-effective building method to meet this growing demand. The company provides full turn-key project solutions with over 40 years of industry experience specialising in constructing granny flats, offices, garages, cottages, homes, classrooms and RDP units. Elangeni meaning ‘where the sun rises’ is leading the way and is at the forefront of Alternative building technologies in South Africa.

The family-owned company was established by Rob Gibb in 1979 and is located in New Germany, KwaZulu-Natal. Ten years ago, Rob was joined by his two sons, Justin and Neil, who have entrenched themselves into the core of the business and have contributed greatly to its growth and success. Currently, Elangeni Buildings is one of the leading family-owned building companies in KwaZulu-Natal.

Elangeni Buildings is renowned for its innovative building method and almost unbelievable building speeds comprising of reinforced concrete walling with conventional roofing, windows, doors, and finishes. “Our construction projects are completed 80 percent faster and are therefore 40 percent more cost effective than traditional brick or block building methods. In just six to eight weeks, you could have a complete spacious new home office extension, garden office or new cottage making Elangeni Buildings a very attractive option for anyone requiring great value for money in a short space of time,” says Justin Gibb.

Because Elangeni Buildings completes projects faster than conventional methods, it is the reduced construction time that saves you money. Also with the reduced overall time on site it promotes cleaner building sites and reduces the impact caused by building works to your property.

Rob Gibb says that it is crucial to understand all the aspects involved when considering any build project. “Apart from the construction of the building itself, any construction project will require the involvement of professional services such as architects and engineers with specific municipality engagement. We offer full turn-key projects with our inhouse architect and engineer and include all aspects of the build. This assists the client in providing them a hassle free building experience, making for a smooth, seamless and efficient building project every time.”

Elangeni Buildings offers you a selection of standard plans or you may have your own custom design, size, or layout to suit your exact needs. The turnkey project scope includes plan drawing and council submission, ground preparation, foundations, and floor slab, Elangeni steel reinforced concrete walling, complete roof including SABS timber roof trusses, barge board, facia, gutters, windows, doors, plastering, ceilings, painting, plumbing and electrical including connections.

“Elangeni Buildings have the same look and feel as any conventional building and are just as strong, durable and long lasting. We can match the look and style to suit your exact needs including plaster bands, Tudor style, hipped or French gable roofs. The building is finished off with painting inside and out to your desired colour,” says Neil Gibb.

Apart from building homes, cottages, in residential estates and in retirement villages, Elangeni Buildings has been involved and successfully completed many school projects. This includes building classrooms, admin blocks, storage and ablution blocks for schools around KZN with over 150 successfully completed projects. The company has also partnered with several non-profit organisations that focus on infrastructure development, specifically for Early Childhood Development (ECD) in KwaZulu-Natal.

In addition, annually, for more than ten years, projects have been completed with the Key Foundation, Robin Hood Foundation, Imama Wild Ride and Foundation Corruseal (Krupa Foundation).

Elangeni Buildings is registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) and our quality and workmanship is guaranteed through full compliance with the National Building Regulations, including full municipal approval across all South African municipalities.

The building system is fully approved by the SABS of the Construction Sector also known as Agrément. The buildings are also compliant with the latest energy efficient regulations that deal with insulation qualities and energy performance of buildings therefore eliminating the need for you to spend on additional insulation products to make the building compliant and liveable.

“Elangeni takes immense pride in all our building projects and customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us,” concludes Neil.

‘Let Elangeni give light to new ideas and help you expand your space.’

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