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Exclusive Company Interview Featuring BEESCORE

BEESCORE spoke with Africa Talks Business and shared their goals and objectives with us. BEE is crucial for businesses in South Africa. It is so frequently thought of as a duty or simply a rule, but it is so much more than that.

Understanding BEE requires knowledge of South Africa’s past, including the suffering and tribulations that led to its current prevalence.

BEESCORE discusses their goals for South Africa as well as their competitive advantages. How their role as a moral and effective verification agency has a significant impact.

Learn more about BEESCORE and why you need to consult with them if you are a SMME, or organization.

1. Tell us about BEESCORE?

BEESCORE was established in 2006, being one of the initial batches of verification agencies who were accredited to conduct B-BBEE ratings. We are committed to the process of broad-based black economic empowerment. We share knowledge and know what counts in B-BBEE scoring.

Business Goals and Objectives:

BEESCORE aims to be the preferred supplier of BEE scorecard ratings to South African businesses, making the process of verification simpler, better, and faster to benefit our clients and aid in the necessary transformation of the South African economy.

Company Vision:

To be a leading rating agency within the top 3 in SA by continuing to provide exceptional services.

Company Mission:

It is our mission to be a preferred supplier of BEE scorecard ratings and aligned value added services to South African businesses. We are committed to providing our clients excellent service by acting with integrity and upholding the principles of this mission.

We aim to inspire confidence in the rating process by committing to uphold the principles of: Impartiality, Competence, Responsibility, Openness, Confidentiality, and Resolution of Complaints.

2. How did the name BEESCORE come about?

The original name was registered in 2006 as BEESA Rating Services. The name was changed to BEESCORE in June 2009. The reason for the change was because there was a separate independent consulting company called BEESA, and the rule has always been that there should be no link/commonalities between “consulting” and “BEE Verification” services. Hence, the name change. BEESCORE was chosen because it represented what the essence of BEE Verification entailed, which is to assess and validate the BEE Scores of measured entities.

3. What services does BEESCORE offer.

Clients that choose BEESCORE can take advantage of offerings unique to our company. We specialize in interim and final B-BBEE scorecard ratings, B-BBEE verification training, ownership analysis and certification, Enterprise (ED) and Socio-Economic (SED) certifications and JV/Consortium certification.

4. How is BEESCORE Different?

  • We are client-centric. We pride ourselves on excellent turn-around times and excellent customer service.
  • BEESCORE is a SANAS accredited,100% Black Female owned entity which qualifies for 135% back in procurement spend and bonus points when clients utilise our services.
  • Our SANAS accreditation extends to all industry sectors, except for the Defence sector.
  • Using highly qualified analysts and our ‘value add’ philosophy, we ensure prompt turnaround of certification.
  • We adopt a pragmatic approach in applying BBBEE verification methodologies. • We pride ourselves in 100% customer service and accuracy in our BBBEE assessments.
  • The owner and managing director is a lawyer who applies her legal and interpretational skills in the application of complex provisions in the various BEE Codes and supplementary legislation.
  • At BEESCORE we embrace certain values. Integrity, respect, diversity, efficiency, and service excellence are of ultimate importance. One can expect to find these values consistently threaded throughout the fabric of our business.
  • We have been operating for 17 years and have, over this period, conducted verifications across multiple sector codes servicing both private sector and public sector entities. Our client base includes those that we continue to service from 2006, which can attest to their customer service experience with us.

5. What impact is BEESCORE making in South Africa?

BEESCORE’s reputation in the market as an ethical and efficient verification agency holds us in good stead. We have years of experience in verifying clients in the industry and can easily identify suspicious activity and fronting. We have forged great relationships with clients and other rating agencies/peers which creates mutual respect and an overall positive outcome for our industry.

6. Who can Benefit from partnering with BEESCORE?

Any entity wishing to maximize on their preferential procurement points could partner with BEESCORE, to ensure their supply chain is compliant. We often see large entities lose valuable points on their scorecards due to many suppliers being non-compliant or producing incorrect/invalid BEE certificates and affidavits. These entities could partner with BEESCORE to potentially handhold their suppliers through the process of becoming BEE certified.

7. How do people get in touch with BEESCORE?

BEESCORE can be contacted from our website:; telephonically on 031-5830640;;;

Article by Africa Talks Business June 26, 2023

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