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David White - Moontree Organics

Moontree Organics is a local organisation passionate about health and wellness. We are dedicated to making our beautiful country a better place to live and solving some of our socio economic problems. We can see that small scale farming plays such an important role in alleviating poverty, providing food security and giving people real purpose to their lives, and it is for anyone who is willing to learn. We have also seen how much excitement and positivity is created when a garden is developed. It really is a viable solution to many of our country’s problems.

Moontree Organics created a registered NPO/PBO called Imifino which has been very involved in the local surrounding areas over the last few years. We specialise in building food and herb gardens and sharing valuable knowledge on nutrition, with an emphasis on reconnecting to traditional wild harvested foods.

Imfino has embarked on an exciting initiative to create an organic food garden center at the Hillcrest Library with rain harvesting facilities and a seedling nursery as part of the project. Our aim is to create a world class training facility in order to provide workshops for suburban and urban residents. We really believe that this is a model which can be rolled out into every corner of our country.

The food garden will benefit the entire local community. One of our goals is to provide a venue to provide motivation/upliftment and training to the vulnerable people around our beautiful village. The beggars and vagrants at the traffic lights and around town will be our first recruits. We hope to encourage and empower these people to return to their homes and take up farming projects. This will in turn have a positive impact on the local residential and business communities. This will probably be an ongoing program.

The venue will also be used by the library during the holidays, as fun farming days to teach children how to plant seeds and grow their own food. The venue will be inclusive to any group that would like to engage in food gardening workshops.

We have experience in providing all aspects of organic food gardening including: Composting, seed saving, organic fertilisers and insecticides, companion planting and permaculture principles. We also specialise in wild food foraging, Imifino means ‘wild greens’ which are freely available superfoods.

Our company Moontree Organics has also been involved in herbal, nutritional and wellness product development for more than 15 years, and can provide valuable input into new projects which can be initiated through this program, thus creating potential income generating concepts that originate from the garden.

We would like local Highway businesses to support this initiative by sponsoring various elements of the garden. Our first requirement is the installation of the enclosed garden which in total will cost R 55,000.00. This is a lockable, fully enclosed structure approximately 80m2. Further activities to complete the food garden include the seed nursery at a cost of R 20,000.00 and local community training at a cost of R65,000.00 per 12 week seasonal cycle (R5000 per week for 2 x morning workshops per week). This is an ongoing project and will continue to evolve as the seasons change. The yearly cost of the training will cost R260,000.00.

In our appreciation of sponsors for this initiative, we will provide high quality social media coverage, as well as affect a contributors signboard. There are many other branding opportunities including stationary, tools, clothes and training collateral.

Imifino has already completed over 12 food gardens in our local communities, and believe that our food garden model will benefit towns and villages right across our country. We have seen that Imifino food gardens and nutritional workshops provide real attainable solutions to food security, unemployment, general wellness and upliftment to any local community.

We would really like you to join us and come on board to join the green organic revolution, where we can build a better, greener future for our wonderful country!

The photo is of Kaz and Matt Wilson of Moontree Organics and our assistants at Ntubeni School, one of our projects. Snethemba and Zuki.

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