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Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club (CEC) & Global Entrepreneurs Club (GEC)

We cannot change the world overnight, but we can help create positive change day by day.

We are Global Networking Platforms for Trade and Collaboration.

We are about promoting SMEs, and opening doors for Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, Traders, and various Service Providers.

Our organisation’s aim & objective.

  • To help support and increase Global SME Import and Export
  • To boost collaboration, Nationally and Internationally.
  • To help expand business opportunities for SME’s Globally
  • To share our Worldwide Collaboration Network

Our organisation prides itself in having thousands of high-net-worth members in Commonwealth countries, as well as Globally, who are involved in business services, industry, commerce and trade.

Our members come from sectors as: Real estate, Energy, Textiles, Infrastructure, Mining, Housing, Education, Engineering, Agriculture, Farming, Agribusiness, Finance, IT, Trade, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Commodity Trading, Tourism, Oil and Gas, Telecom, Service Industry, Venture Capital, and Private Equity.

If joining CEC and GEC resonates with you, we encourage you to contact our Head Office in London via email, with your company profile attached. We will review your portfolio and if you qualify as a quality organisation, with effective and ethical leadership, we will include you and your organisation into our exclusive membership clubs.

David White – Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club (CEC) & Global Entrepreneurs Club (GEC)

David White

SA President

Business Leader, and Ethics, Governance and Sustainability Advocate

Club Mobin Rafiq

Founding Chairman

Social Entrepreneurs, Philanthropist and Technocrat

To obtain further information regarding CEC and GEC, please visit our website or contact Lindiwe Bhadi on

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As an influencer my team and I create content or co-create content to support brands, endorse product and services with the intent to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

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