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BT Corp – Fuel rewards for SMMe’s

BTCorp empowers your small business through a cashback benefit on your monthly fuel (diesel) spend. No matter the size of your fleet, your small, medium or micro enterprise (SMME) will receive savings off the pump price for the diesel purchased by you and your drivers.

The year 2021 is set to be tough on budgets with many increases in daily living costs predicted. If your business has vehicles driving many kilometres daily, fuel is going to be one of your largest expenses. In addition, fuel prices change frequently, going up and down, due to a range of factors.

The following changes took effect from Wednesday, 3 February:
• Diesel 0.05%: increase of 58 cents per litre
• Diesel 0.005%: increase of 59 cents per litre
• Petrol: increase of 81 cents per litre

Consequently, receiving a fuel discount is a simple way to save money on your business running costs, which is something every business needs.

The BT Corp Fuel Management programme is for small businesses that are classified as SMMEs.

Through BTCorp’s prepaid offer, you can obtain a minimum cashback of 70 cents per litre of diesel. Once your vehicle is registered on the programme your benefits are determined by the amount of fuel (diesel) dispensed into your vehicle/s.

The difference between the pricing (zone-specific) and the displayed pump price will be reimbursed. The fuel must be purchased at a participating service station.

BTCorp uses BP Windscreen Tag technology which eliminates credit risks. Details like driver details and odometer reading are captured for every purchase, so you can stop chasing down fuel receipts from your vehicles’ drivers.

As a business owner you are able to manage your business’s fleet vehicles by monitoring and controlling employee spending. Ultimately, you would be able to easily account for every transaction, and drivers can plan every trip’s route efficiently and profitably.

In order to register for the programme your business must be a South African business with an active bank account. Once your online application has been approved, you will receive a notification via SMS and email with your account details. You should then deposit the required activation fee into the specified bank account referencing your BTCorp account number. You will have the option to choose your nearest Pargo collection point to collect your windscreen tag/s. You can begin using your tag once you have deposited funds into your BTCorp account. The funds may take up to two working days to clear if deposited from a different bank.

Your cashback will automatically be credited to your BTCorp account on the 15th of the new month.

The BTCorp pre-paid platform is managed by a dedicated BTCorp customer service centre team.

Simply re-fuel your vehicle at a participating service station and start saving.

By Zambezzi

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