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Esibusisweni Children’s Home in KwaNyuswa, Kwa Zulu Natal, means “Blessing” in Zulu. The home is owned and run by Elizabeth, a pensioner with a generous heart. She is also affectionately known as “Gogo Ma” (Grandmother). Elizabeth has over the years taken in abandoned and orphaned children and given them a loving and safe place to call home. Many come to her as babies, and the children range from just a few months to over 21years of age. She is assisted by her 3 daughters, and a helper to run the home and take care of the children.

There are 11 boys and 11 girls. In total there are 22 children, of which 2are babies, just a few months old, and 4 adults that live in a small house with rooms added on over the years, that Elizabeth’s husband built before he sadly passed away a few years ago.

There is no hot water, no fence or gate. The roof leaks in many places. Many doors and windows are broken. The plumbing leaks and is therefore a very dangerous hazard, electricity fittings and extension cords run from room to room that get wet when it rains. They do not have enough money for electricity for a whole month. They can only afford R500.00 for electricity and its costs about R1000.00 to run the home for a month. The home is in a very bad state, but they do their best to keep it clean, and never complain. It is such a happy place, filled with kindness and love for each other. The home needs some TLC and a few basic things to bring them some dignity.

The only income they have is Elizabeth’s government pension grant of R1800.00 and 6 (six) child grants of R460 each, which comes to a total of R4560.00. One of the boys that passed Matric last year has found a job at a Supermarket and is able to contribute to the expenses. This is their only income. We visit them a few times a year and take clothes, books, and food etc. We have also given them a few parties. The church in their area assist as and when they can.

After the KZN riots we took them food and nappies donated by the Robinhood Foundation, and they were overjoyed. Robinhood have also contributed by donating clothes, nappies, school shoes and exercise books over the past year.

One of the boys who is in Matric this year, has started a vegetable garden and his dream is to study to become a Chef next year. It would be wonderful to help him achieve this dream.

DRG Outsourcing has arranged a donation of R5000 through BusinessFit and CC&A Insurance, to purchase items for the home. We have approached The Robinhood Foundation for assistance, and they very happily agreed to visit the home in early February 2022 to assist with some building and maintenance and to also help where they can with the home’s wish list. Magic Moments Trust will sponsor sending Elizabeth, her daughters who care for the children, and one of the orphans that has completed school on courses offered at Embocraft Trust Training centre. These courses include Welding, Computer and Sewing.


❖ Baby formula and Purity

❖ Nappies

❖ Disinfectant and cleaning materials

❖ First aid kit and basic medicines like Panado, cough mixture or throat lozengers, Allergex, Imodium, Vermont for worms, etc for the children.

❖ Towels, sheets, pillow cases, duvet inners and covers

❖ Tables (2 kiddies tables for them to eat on and 1 or 2 big tables for the bigger kids and adults to eat on). They currently have no tables

❖ Chairs (10 adult chairs and 8 kiddies chairs).

❖ They only have 3 adult chairs

❖ Washing machine

❖ Curtains – they have a few but hang blankets on most of the windows.

❖ Curtain rails

❖ School uniforms & School Shoes size 2 and 3 (Grey pants and white shirts for the boys in primary and high school)

❖ Lunch boxes & bottles

❖ Cupboards, bookshelf, and chest of drawers

❖ Ceiling fans or floor fans

❖ Extensions cords

❖ Hose pipe

❖ Deep freezer

❖ JoJo tank

❖ Couches or armchairs (the couch they have is old and the seats and backs are broken)

❖ Radio, DVD for kids’ videos, CD player for music

❖ Microwave

❖ Desks for children to do homework

❖ Computer and WIFI for homework and projects


❖ Fix leaking plumbing from Kitchen sink that runs onto the verandah and through the garden area where the children play

❖ Girls Bathroom – Install tap for bath, hand basin and geyser for hot water

❖ Boys Bathroom – Install shower, basin, geyser for hot water, toilet

❖ Painting and fixing of inside broken walls, fix broken windows and install burglar guards

❖ Build fence to stop kids falling down a steep bank and running onto the main road

❖ Install a small gate on the fence

❖ Raise the outside tap

❖ Fix all dangerous electrical faulty plugs, and lights as they have previously had a fire

❖ Make electricity compliant

❖ Fix the many holes in rusty tin roof, or replace parts of roof that are too damaged, as rain leaks in throughout the house

❖ Replace broken kitchen cupboards

❖ Build cupboards in bedrooms

❖ Fix or replace doors inside and outside that are broken or do not lock. They push a small chest of drawers against the outside door to stop anyone entering.


We would like to extend an invitation to business or anyone for that matter, who would like to be part of making this home a magical and blessed place, for these very special children and their caretakers. If we could receive R5000.00 donations from Businesses and any small donation from Individuals, we will easily be able to complete Esibusisweni Children’s Home wish-list.

Sponsors will receive a full record of fund allocations, and also receive our following Chapter Letters.

Inspire Change! As Nelson Mandela said: “It is in our hands to make the world a better place.”


Sibanye Africa

Nikita Pillay

031 7670625

1 Old Main Rd, Unit12, Braehead, Office Park, Kloof, KZN

Magic Moments Trust

Daisy White

083 265 6655

9 Pearson Rd, Everton, KZN

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