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Mthoko Mbatha was the Group CEO of SLG (Pty) Ltd, the second largest trading company of Natural Gas in South Africa. SLG is an award winning 100% black owned company, which commenced its operation in July 2002.

Mthoko Mbatha was seconded to Spring Lights Gas in 2004 where his long and illustrious career in the gas industry really started to blossom. It was Mthoko Mbatha who led the growth of Spring Lights Gas from a company with 18 customers to the giant that the company is today in the natural gas industry. His career saw him grow from an energy advisor to sales manager in a relatively short space of time. He crowned his career progression with being the first of the Spring Lights Gas employees to study and graduate with an MBA from Mancosa (with Distinction), while managing the sales department of a fast growing black owned and managed company in a very tough and legacy driven industry. Something that was no small feat to achieve.

Mthoko Mbatha worked diligently, with absolute distinction and professionalism, creating not only the brand of SLG his own personal brand that was underpinned by humility, professionalism, compassion and absolute dedication to his craft. When the time had come and at an age of only 42, he was rewarded with the appointment to Group CEO and Executive Director of the SLG Group, which is the second largest natural gas trading company in South Africa and also owns the largest Compressed Natural Gas facility in Southern Africa.

Mthoko Mbatha spent 16 illustrious years at SLG where he touched thousands of lives in ways that are indelible, unforgettable and absolutely profound, forming deep professional relationships. He had a gift and an ability to make everyone around him feel important, valued, heard, appreciated and respected through his unwavering humility and warmth, no matter the issue, place or nature of the engagement.

Informed by his approach to business, which was very much customer and people centricity, Mthoko Mbatha said that the company’s future was contingent on the success of its customers in their respective sectors. He added that it was imperative that SLG’s customers were understood in order for the company to create value for its customers.

Mthoko Mbatha was personally vested in the company’s social investment programme. He had a passion for the execution of projects aimed at the development of maths and science in historically disadvantaged schools.

Mthoko Mbatha always took great pride in his staff. He said, “Our staff are our most valuable assets and we continually bolster their knowledge by ensuring that they engage the latest industry developments and trends. Hence, our “People First” ethos underpins every aspect of our operations especially our interaction with our customers, suppliers, employees, regulatory bodies and communities within which Mthoko Mbatha we operate.”

Mthoko Mbatha Memorial Service

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